Shadows do not work in PM settings

My shadows work fine in AM settings. When I make a new scene and switch to a PM setting, it changes the building color to dark (shadowy) but there are no shadows. I don’t want the buildings dark. Windows> SU 2018

The geolocation and the timezone may be your issue.

Could you clarify.
Your Profile says Sketchup for schools (web)
You have posted in a category for Sketchup for Schools
But you then say Windows and 2018

I am a student at UCLAx/LandscapeArchitecture. I didn’t want to stall this by having you ask me what OS and what version I was using.

I found last night that I could get it to work as long as the “time” was under 6:00pm (i.e.4:59 June 21 worked, 6:00pm, June 21, did not.)

At the 6:00pm time it would turn the buildings dark, but no shadows.

This is for Santa Monica, CA

On June 21, in California, it is not dark at 6:00pm, so there should be shadows.

Attached screen grab:

Here is what happens at the earlier time:

If your model is correctly geolocated, you have your time zone set wrong.
Is the UTC-8:00 setting correct for your area?

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To display shadows that accurately portray the real world, four distinct parameters must all be set correctly.

Geographic Orientation — Relationship of True North to the model.

Geographic Location — Latitude and Longitude

Time — Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute

UTC Offset — The difference between local time and the C oordinated U niversal T ime standard.

The current UTC in Santa Monica, California, USA is UTC -7
Yours shows -8

Current Local Time in City of Santa Monica, California, USA

NOAA Solar Calculator
Sunrise, Sunset, Solar Noon and Solar Position for Any Place on Earth

Sunset in Santa Monica, CA on June 21 is 8:08 PM. At 7:45 pm with -7:00 offset I get this.

And 6:00 pm.

THANK YOU Geo! I wasn’t paying attention that setting because the earlier times were working.

I think it’s also a Daylight Savings time thing?
California is 8 hours plus Greenwich Mean time (UTC) for part of the year. 7 makes sense for summer.

Thanks you soooo much. I can finish my homework!

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