Problems with the Shadows and Geolocalizacion

Hi there. I am an architect, I live in Argentina and use sketchup many years.
A few months ago I found a problem with shadows and geolocalizacion sketchup.
When I select my geographic location with the option of geolocalizacion, select sketchup UTC = 4, but reading literature in Wikipedia, the UTC for Argentina in 3.

That value UTC is right for Argentina? 3 or 4?

Thank you very much

Hello Diego,

UTC Offset is the difference between your local time and the Coordinated Universal Time standard.
The offset will vary seasonally if your local time keeping regimen observes “Summer Time”

Here’s a reliable reference site for finding your local time data.

Local time is generally the result of convoluted regulations and political boundaries unknown to SketchUp.
Thus, for a given location SU can only estimate the correct UTC Offset based on 15° of Longitude = 1 Hour.

You must always confirm the UTC setting is correct if you wish to display shadows accurately in SketchUp.
It’s wise to confirm these items are correct as well.

• Geographic Orientation — Relationship of True North to the model.
• Geographic Location — Latitude and Longitude
• Time — Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute

Here’s a tutorial on setting up shadows.
While it was written for SU 7, the essential concepts remain the same.
Since SU 8 things are much easier thanks to the great folks on the SketchUp Team!
Creating Real World Shadows — SUWiki


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Thank you very much.

will I need to reset the UTC for each job? I noticed in a tutorial it was in 3716 Washington Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108 and I was trying to get the shadows right? thanks

By the way My area code is 92649 and my UTC is -7

Set your time zone and save your file as a template.


after setting the UTC, for some reason the shadows are still not matching
the video shadows. I wonder where the video was created?

seems 20ºN and 10ºE is a good starting point…

Thanks John, I will try this.

After a look on Google Maps for Places around 20ºN, it seems like it’s made in Mumbai, India 19.065927N, 72.870218E UTC+6:30…


What is the UTC? in SU 2016? I live in Airway Heights Washington?
In SU 2016 it just says UTC, In my SU8 Pro it use to also have the tome location attached to it, but no more, not sure what to use, I only know the (Long-47.644300N and Lat-117.593100) of my location? Could some one who knows please help? Thanks

UTC [Coordinated Universal Time] is your time zone…

I was standing on the meridian on Saturday it’s UTC is 0…

have you clicked the the discloser button to see more info?