Geo location import - utc time-issue


After importing one of my location (India, Andhra) using Geo location options. UTC-time showing 5.00 in sketch up, but actual India UTC is 5.30.

Can any clarify me why this difference is coming. For shadow checking which UTC I have to use for INDIA. UTC-5.00 that Google sketch up recommended OR UTC-5.30

Abdul Kareem.

India is east of Greenwich so what you are looking for ought perhaps be UTC +5:30. The shadows dialog in my SketchUp has that option.

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Thanks for your reply,

You mean to say, After importing the location using Geo location, We need to change the UTC time as per our actual site location right.

For shadow analysis - Before shadow analysis activity, we have to change the time for our actual site location, Even if downloaded location thorough “google sketch Geo location option tool”.

Yes. The time zone setting is separate from the geolocation setting. Why exactly, I don’t know but I like the bit of flexibility it gives for setting up shadows. I would like the north direction and time zone settings to be scene dependent and not global for the whole model.

@abdul1986, After getting things set up the way you need, save the empty model as a template, and then set this new template as the default.

From the SketchUp User Guide