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I usually work without the shadow feature on, as it saves regen time. So, I was working along on my model when I decided to turn my shadows back on. Everything went Dark - like a dark shadow was over the whole model, and I was sorely afraid. Adjusting the time of year or time of day didn’t seem to affect it.

What is UTC? It seems adjusting this UTC, gave me light again. Can anyone tell me how to set it properly?

Thanks in advance.


UTC is Universal Coordinated Time. It used to be known as Greenwich Mean Time. If you set it too early or too late based on the time of year and the latitude (Boulder, CO by default) the sun will be down and it will be dark. Set it to what is appropriate for the time of day. If you aren’t using sun for shading, turn it off and it won’t matter.


Are you saying to set it to my current time? or to Boulder CO’s current time? (I’m in the U.S. Central Standard Time Zone) and all of my models will be in North America.


Are you doing architectural models? Are they geo-located? If not to both of those questions, it doesn’t matter. Just set it to a time that gives you shadows you like. Unless you are doing a shadow study, it’s not all that important where you have the time set and date set. And if you aren’t using shadows, it doesn’t matter what those settings are at all.

Just a note. IF you do set the time to your current local time. In a minute it won’t right. It doesn’t change as the local time changes.

It’s time for dinner. Go eat. Are you in a place that doesn’t observe DST?


Yes, to both. Most are conceptual models of my clients’ buildings set in a specific location. I usually go out to Google Earth and grab a section of the location and place my model accordingly. So, yes… after buildings and trees are set, they like to see how the shading will affect their buildings.

I’m smack dab in the middle of Kansas (no place like home), so yes, we do recognize DST. I think the only place that I wouldn’t would be our sites in Arizona.


Google Maps with Get Location, right? That will automatically geo-locate your model so if your client is putting up a new high rise in Jetmore, you can show them when the shadows of their building will fall on Kelly’s Bar & Grill in case they wonder. And use Jetmore’s time for that.


Yes, Get Location, (in SketchUp). But, we don’t have a site in Jetmore :blush:. I know what you mean. The site I’m currently working on is in OK City. So, how do I know what the UTC is?


Don’t worry about UTC. If you’ve geo-located your model to OKC, UTC should show -06:00 That is the time offset from Greenwich. As I type it is about 5:45 PM here so it would be 11:45 in Greenwich in the UK. The US and UK adjust clocks on different days. If we were in between and the shadows were that critical, you could change the UTC setting to match the current offset. Or if you want to show them what the shadows would look like in Arizona or Oslo, you could make an adjustment to the UTC offset.

Maybe you should see if your client would like to move to Jetmore. Real Estate is much less expensive there. :smiley:


I think Jetmore is actually “up and coming”… and prices are going to shoot up:hushed:. Do you know Jetmore, or did you just grab that out of your bu77? I’m actually about 142 miles from there.

Sorry to interrupt your dinner… enjoy. And thanks for the info. Cheers.


I bet the prices will start to soar now that the word is out. Especially about Kelly’s Bar & Grill. And let’s not forget Judy’s Cafe just off the highway with the all-you-care-to-eat Rocky Mountain oyster special on Thursday nights. Yum, yum! :slight_smile:

I did just pull it out of somewhere. :wink:

I typed while eating my lasagna so no worries.

Were you a lineman in a former life?


@ajpeppiatt, you may also want to read through this thread: Problems with the Shadows and Geolocalizacion


Thanks for the info, Wo3Dan…


Thanks for the info., I hadn’t noticed that we had switched to UTC from Time Zones.

Nope, not a lineman for the county, or Wichita. And I’m really not a big fan of mountain oysters, although I’ve physically harvested them back in the day. I have more of a preference to Walleye, which I’m sure are abundant in your area.

I think it’s actually “The Hideout”, but everybody knows it as Kelly’s…


Indeed they are reasonably abundant. At least in the right lakes.

The Hideout sounds like a better name.


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