Shadow starts from the middle of the geometry


I am aware this is a newbie question… I’m using SketchUp 2015, working on a component for a kitchen, and am trying to work with shadows for the first time.

The model is not geo-located. I can tell something is wrong, and tried to play with the axes, nothing I change really makes a difference, the shadow start from the middle of the geometry. Thank you for you help.

W3660 - Coulissants x 3 (SU 7).skp (117.1 KB)

That’s strange!
No hidden geometry or other. Hmmm

Your geometry is below the ground so the shadows are showing only above the ground.
Reset the axis and move your geometry up.


Hello @Piil60, @Box. Oh I see and understand now. Everything looks so much easier when explained with a video. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to you both and to Piil60 for the solution :smile:

Thanks, I didn’t do much though,
and Box beat me by a minute :smile: .
And I wish I knew how to make those smart videos.

Yes they are neat those videos. @Box, please what software and op system do you use to make those ?