Shadow settings & UTC

I am trying to get my head around the shadow settings.

I live in the UK and, at this time of year, we work to GMT which I believe is equivalent to UTC +0. But if I set the UTC to that in SU’s Shadow Settings, it looks like its midnight whatever time of day I choose.

I must have misunderstood it but I’m not sure how. This is what I see:

What should I have done?

Set your Model Info > Geolocation

Apparently you have to be logged in. So I made sure I was but then get this:

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 18.18.24

Computer says no.

See if it’s works with logging out and in.

I think there are a few other discussions on this issue.

Yes, that’s what I had to do. Looks right now. But goodness me, it’s a lot more of a palaver than it used to be in the days when I could select Cambridge UK from within Shadow Settings!

I usually don’t bother with locating my drawings as I just use sliders to get shadows to make the building look nice!

You could set the lat/long manually in Model Info>Geo-Location. And you could do that for your default template so you don’t have to worry about it for future projects.

Oh really? I’ll definitely do that as my projects are always pretty local. Thanks.

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Screenshot - 12_9_2020 , 12_36_34 PM


Now you see, it would not have occurred to me to look for geolocation in a completely different place. I jumped to the no doubt ridiculous conclusion that all geolocation stuff would be in the same place! I really must stop assuming things are built on common sense principles.

Really, this is the place where the geo-location info is stored as it is part of the model information. This location area gets filled in automatically if you insert the location imagery and terrain with the Geo-Location thing in the File menu or tool palette.

This stuff was here in Model Info before there was geo-location terrain and imagery to import.

If you don’t want to copy paste latitudes, you can add location (located in the File menu) and then ‘clear location’
It will remain ‘manually’ added for correct location, but without the snapshot and terrain.