Sketchup 2020 - Shadows

This may seem like a silly question, but are there openings for the sunlight to penetrate through to the interior? Things such as window panes need to be painted with a material that is not 100% opaque. Also check that objects are set to receive shadows.

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As Steve wrote, you need to have openings to let the sun in. It’s pretty much like the way it works in reality. Maybe you could share your SketchUp model so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Also, be careful that both sides of any window panes are set as transparent.

Although I didn’t write it, of course I also have windows modeled - the glass is set to 70% transparency. I enclose a picture of the model. Thank you very much

I have it…:slight_smile:

Reversed faces on the windows?

Not sure what it is that you have, but if the problem persists, here’s another possibly dumb question: is the sun location in front of the window plane?

Looks like there is something a bit odd going on as one of your window panes is a darker shade.

Where can I find out this please?

You can check face orientation anytime by viewing the model in Monochrome Face Style .
View > Face Style > Monochrome (from a post by @Geo)

The shadow settings panel doesn’t show “Use sun for shading” checked?

The material property slider is about Opacity and anything more than 69% will cast a shadow, so no light passes through.

Lots of options here. Or you could just do as recommended by @DaveR above:

What Steve said. You need to have shadows turned on. In your screen shot, you show they aren’t turned on.

I attached 3Dmodel… nothing help :frowning:

The shadow problem in your uploaded file has to do with the time and date and the UTC offset. You actually have all sorts of strange stuff going on in this model.

You would find your model a lot easier to work with if you’d clean it up.
Screenshot - 11_4_2020 , 12_05_30 PM

Screenshot - 11_4_2020 , 12_06_57 PM

With the sun positioned so it’ll shine in through the windows, you do get shadows.

Ok, so when I cleanup model (with plugin Cleanup ??) and then I scroll with time the shadows show me? Could you please upload a model where the shadows work for you?


You have the time zone set right for Poland, but does the time zone match the geolocation of the model? If your model is not geolocated, the shadows will show according to Boulder, Colorado, USA, where the time is, I think, 9 hours behind yours.
(I didn’t want to download a more than 500 MB file to check just that.)


Anssi described the problem better. Time zone set for Poland, geo-location set for Boulder, Colorado, US. It’s dark in Boulder at the time you have set with the time, date, and UTC offset you have selected.

Here’s geo-location set for Warsaw and the time zone set to match. Shadows work fine.

I set CleanUp3 running on your file. Currently indicating 75 hrs and 15 minutes remaining. Not sure if I’ll let it run until it completes.

It is sort of cosy that the default location of all the SketchUp templates is at the SketchUp offices, but I think that it might produce less confusion if it was, for instance, at the intersection of the Equator and the zero meridian, and the time at GMT.

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FWIW, I did let CleanUp3 run. Here is what it did.
Screenshot - 11_5_2020 , 6_56_47 AM

And another purge…
Screenshot - 11_5_2020 , 7_03_12 AM

Even with that I’ve only reduced the file size by about 15%. There are a lot of obese components in your model that could stand to go on diets. If they did and slimmed down, your model would be much easier to work with.