To cast a shadow or not cast a shadow, that is the question

Hi all, So I am detailing a garage for a private collection of cars and it has a fairly low ceiling which I want to present to the client. I have added the ceiling to the model and have asked Sketchup to not cast or receive shadows from the ‘ceiling’ which is currently just a basic rectangle. However, there is very much a big dark shadow over the entire model… Any ideas?

Are you sure you are selecting the right parts?

If the garage is enclosed, you may need to paint one or both sides of the ceiling with a transparent material.

It could also be your shadow settings causing walls and other elements to cast shadows. You may have to adjust so the sun shines top down into the garage and adjust light and dark sliders.

Go ahead and give your ceiling some thickness, group it, and tell THAT to not cast shadows.

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Thanks all, will have a look at the above options :slight_smile: am i able to upload a model for further assistance?

Yes. Either drag and drop the SKP file into your forum post or click on the Upload button in the middle of the row of buttons along the top of the reply window. If the file is too large to upload here, either upload it to the 3D Warehouse or to Drop Box and share the link.

Ah, I have just realized that it may be more of a problem with Ambient Occlusion rather than sketchup as the sketchup model now does show the correct shadows. However, when I render it thats when the darkness occurs…

I’ve found that the “cast shadows” settings in SketchUp don’t always translate to rendering engines, including the ones I use. If you want to play with materials and how lighting and shadows display, it’s best to just do it in the rendering software itself, not SketchUp, and you’ll have better results.

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Which rendering application are you using?

If the garage is an enclosed space, if there are no openings, if you haven’t set any glass materials or if your render engine doesn’t set them up automatically, if you haven’t inserted any artificial lighting, then there’s a good chance exterior lighting can’t get inside the interior to light it up…