Shadow problems like section planes

I seem to be experiencing a problem that I have not come across before. My model is fine until I turn on the shadows. from certain views everything is fine then hey presto part of my model either disappears or seems to have a section plane through it revealing the inside.

I work on sketch up 2016 on my lap top and wonder is this a graphics card problem? I was told by someone that casting the shadows takes quite lot of memory and if that isn’t available sometimes it cannot distinguish between front and rear faces hence the problem. Have tried turning off hardware acceleration or losing some of the model features to no avail. I even tried drawing a very large rectangle to increase the model scope in the hope this might help but no luck.

I would like to show the model to a client, but its never as good as when the shadows are cast. I also have a simple shadow path document to compile and this is making that difficult.

Any ideas?

Is this clipping ? If you back the camera away from the model does the “phantom section plane” slowly reduce in size ?

Yes if I pull back in some directions it does. If I turn the model to show its rear face there are less problems.
I did move the model so it was correctly geolocated and wondered if this was the cause.

Many thanks DanRathbun, your guess proved to be correct. Following other advice re clipping I found that the Google Earth image that loaded for me to geolocated had some geometry that was far outside the model. Proved difficult to unlock and delete from layer 0, but once gone, shadows worked perfectly again.
Big thank you.

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