Shadow Date and Time Problem

I’m using Sketchup Pro 2016 64-bits. I could not change my model shadow. Date and time bar shown like this

How did you set the location for your model? Have you tried reseting and adding the location again? Since you are on 2016 you will have to enter your lat/lng manually under Model Info-> Geolocation -> Set manually.

Another thing to check is whether you have scenes which are controlling shadows. Those could have become corrupt and also might need to be deleted and set up again.

Any chance you can upload a simple model that shows the problem?

Does this persist if you restart SketchUp?

BTW, when SketchUp was at its Stone Age, the manual geolocation feature (the only one that existed then) had a handy list of preconfigured locations you could choose from. I somewhat miss that.

I apologize for my ignorance, I may should not use this thread to ask this but, what is that feature useful for? I mean … it’s aimed to architects to test how a model should look like at different times and dates?

Thank you.

That’s one application. I’ve done shadow studies for home owners who were planning additions to their houses or additional structures on their property. They wanted to see how that change might impact where the sunlight would fall at different times of the day. It might also be useful for garden and landscape designers and solar panel installers and anyone else who might care where shadows and light fall.

But I guess you need to take in consideration even things you didn’t model, as for example buildings next to it, am I right?
And is the result pretty accurate?

Well, of course you would need to include anything that might impact the shadows. Accuracy is pretty good.

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I have installed SketchUp Pro 2017. It also has this same problem. I’m trying to set geo location but it does not work. BTW thank you for your replies.

I’m using this for vray render. It helps me to set my model shadow when I need to render.

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