Shadow darkness in Layout

In sketchup I can use the slider in my shadows palette to adjust the color (darkness) of shadows. There is no such slider in Layout, and if Adjust my scene for shadow darkness in sketchup, and update Layout there is no change.

Does this parameter not transfer over to Layout ? Does only the first time, initial, parameter transfer over ? Or is there a fixed shadow darkness theme in Layout that is given to all scenes?

The customer complains the shadows are not visible enough, although they are…:slight_smile:

I see a difference in shadow darkness in LO based on the slider settings in SketchUp.

Here’s LO:

And the PDF output:

Are you updating the scene in SU after adjusting the shadow settings?

Does the Effects section of the SketchUp Model panel show a Reset button? If it does, those settings override the scene settings coming from SketchUp. This is the same as with all the other sections of the SketchUp Model panel. You need to reset the Effects section to allow the viewport to display the new settings from the SketchUp scene.

Ah. I see. The reset button is there, cause I have multiple viewports from the same scene in order to set overrides on shadow for time and date.
This is to avoid having enormous amounts of scenes in sketchup, one for each viewport in my table.

But with the needed overrides, no updates either, I guess.

After you have the shadow darkness setting correct and updated for the scene you can reset the viewports. Then turn shadows on again and set the appropriate dates for each viewport.

Again, if you override a scene property in LO (indicated by the darker gray background in that section and the presence of the Reset button) changes made to those properties in SketchUp won’t be displayed in the viewport.

thanks. that works.

I did set my dates and time all over again for my entire table after some other changes, so I guess I´ll just go ahead and do the same thing all over again. :slight_smile:

Good deal. I guess for something like shadow darkness, the best option is to make a test before you set up a bunch of viewports.

FWIW, I was off making another example. In the left column the first and third viewports show lighter shadow settings from the scene when I first set it up. On the right, the corresponding viewports show the result of the making the shadows darker and resetting the viewports. The middle one in both columns was unmodified from the beginning so the change in shadow darkness carries over as expected.