Shadow bake option


A small thing but useful. An option / toggle to bake (or suspend recalc) your shadows, rather than recalc when changing camera position etc so you can check how your shadows look from diff angles or make a small change without having to wait for recalc with every slight movement. I realise you can turn off and on but having a persistent shadow bake at the users discretion would be very useful for archviz, shadow studies etc.


Have you considered TIG’s shadow projector? You can just move the shadow, save it (project it to surface), move and repeat.
See example of saving Steve’s shadow.


Nice idea for simple stuff! I will deffo use it. I was thinking larger scale, particularly for architectural uses. That method potentially would add a lot of geometry to the model


For sure…but you it auto-groups it and you can save externally after creating as I’m sure you won’t need it in there all the time.


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