Shadow controls

could you please consider making the controls for shadows a two position switch (a box for “on” and a box for “off”? the time that it takes to regenerate the shadows on large models is so long that it can get confusing as to whether you clicked the single box once or twice, and sometimes in frustration i even lose track of how many times I have clicked the box. A two box format would eliminate any confusion and thereby save time.


What specific “box” are you speaking of ?

The checkmark, or lack of one, in the View menu, is an indication whether shadows are on or off.

Shadows toolbar - shadow button OFF (unpressed)

Shadows toolbar - shadow button ON (pressed)

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Set up 2 Scenes. One with shadows and one without. Don’t save the camera position in those two scenes so you can scope out the shadow ‘look’ from wherever you were previously modeling.

While you’re at it, bundle all your resource hogging visual preferences with the shadow scene and all the fast rendering options with the shadowless scene.

… yea what Joy said! I have a template with these types of scenes (named “Work” and “Print”, in addition to a “Thumbnail” scene,) already setup, and chosen as my default template.

Perhaps @jnoblearchitect is referring to the button in the Shadows Manager.
The one that doesn’t look like a button when in the OFF position.


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I think it’s more to do with when the button looks like it’s pressed: the program draws all the shadows, then changes the button image. If this action takes a long time (and so the button takes time to update to say it’s been pressed) then it can look as if it’s not been pressed.

What might be nicer is if the button had an interim “working on it” image that it changed to when immediately clicked and then changed to the “on” state once it’s all been calculated.

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The “generating shadows” state should be greyed and disabled and not enabled again until the button pressed state is updated.

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