Fast /Draft Shadows preview like real-time render

Anybody knows how to preview a shadow quickly like a real time render? I have a complex architecture model with full landscapes/ all site elements. Activating the shadow takes like a minute, choosing a date or time, another minute or longer to preview… it’s like trial and error before you get what you like, and each try will cost you lots of time. I appreciate if you can point me to some plugin to quickly see a shadow in realtime, or if not a better workaround… Thanks!

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I do not mean this to sound sarcastic, but you want an extension that is quicker that toggling on shadows?

Maybe you can explain what you want that are different from turning on the native shadows control.

With a complex model with lots of geometry, calculating and rendering shadows can take a while. The limit here is your computers click speed and graphics card capabilities, not SketchUp. A faster computer can calculate and render shadows faster than a slower one. It’s also easier on your graphics card with a simpler model. No extension can really improve this.

are you experimenting with different specific dates for a geolocated shadow study? Are you using the shadows window, not the toolbar sliders but the dedicated shadows control pallet? There you can type in dates and times directly which is much more precise control than using the sliders, especially when there is lag from a large model.

If you are just experimenting with different “looks” turning off visibility for some geometry using tags will help your graphics card keep up.