Help for newbie - animation of a shadow study

HI folks - I am new to SketchUp, and I am using SketchUp Make 2016. I need to produce an animation of shadows during the day as they move over a large instrument (think, small building-size). I was trying to follow the directions, here:

But I’m simply not getting it to work. Specifically, I’m not seeming to ‘get’ how to associate DIFFERENT times of day for the shadows to different scenes. Overtime I try to do this, no matter if I do or do not have ‘shadows’ chose in the ‘update scene’ drop down, they get updated, and all my scenes end up with the same time (and thus shadows) associated to them. I know the link above is a bit old, so perhaps it is out of date? Can anyone detail to me - or send me to a link where it is detailed - as to how to create a smoothly transitioning animation of shadows moving over a model during the course of a day, using SketchUp? Thank you!!

Select a certain scene.
Be sure that for this particular scene in the ‘Scenes’ window ‘Shadow Settings’ is checked.
Adjust the shadow settings in both time and date. Also have ‘Show Shadows’ on
Now update the scene (right click on the scene tab > Update)

Proceed with the next scene, following the same steps as above.