Help - solar shadows in Free or only in Pro

I am super new.
Saw the pricing and discount.
Needing to draw a house and the neighbors house to see what the shadowing is going to be like around the year. Can I do look at the shadows cast into my property from the neighbors house on sketchup free version?

(Note I do not need to do elaborate house designs)

Thanks for your help.

Shadows do seem to work. Click on the magnifier glass to quickly turn on shadows.

@bpm120, two ways:

Thanks! @colin and @g.h.hubers for your answers. I was able to get something up and running quickly with a geolocation too.

Is there a way to run an animation of shadows through out the year in somewhat of an automated fashion - like have it run through the whole year each day with its shadows or max shadows? I searched but I got some plugins that are about a decade old.

In “DISPLAY” set the date and time, say Januari 1, 12:00 PM and in “VIEWS” create/save a Scene 1
Then set the next date and time, saay December 31, 12:00 PM and create/save the next Scene 2

Now you can run an animation through the third icon in the same “VIEW” window.
The last icon lets you adjust the settings of the animation.


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