Animation of shadow with month and time



I have been using Sketchup for quite long. Most of my work is based upon Shadow Analysis.
Mostly i display shadow of buildings or objects from 9am to 4pm time frame by creating scenes and exporting them to video.
The issue that i need to display date month and time in exported video that this shadow movement is from 9am to 4pm.


If you ask @TIG nicely he might send you a script for this. If I remember correctly.


I have the same problem as you omerfarooq.

ArchiCad can output such videos though.


It seems the plugin has been pulled out of circulation.


It WAS available, but TBD withdrew support.

I have a version which I have tweaked over the years, but it is too close to TBD’s © - especially since it was $$$ ! - so I consider that to prevent its general distribution…

Anyone who needs advice can PM me…