How do I automate Shadow Analysis?


I am trying to export shadows at 1 hour intervals at a set date of the year as JPEGs. Is there a way to automate this rather than manually changing the hour and then exporting the scene as a JPEG?

Thank you!

You can do it with 2 scenes, set the first scene with the beginning time and the second with the end time. Set the scene transition to 1sec, set the export frame rate to 8 per sec, you may need to do 10 per sec and remove top and tail.
I did a quick version of that and got this in the export.


You can also look into this extension: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

I’ve used it in the past and it works pretty well. It shows the summary by hour or month or all combined.

You can also automatically export every hour for the entire year (=146 images).