Is there a way to permanently place multiple Shadows?

I am trying to place shadows for a building over the course of a whole day. I can place the shadows but I can’t seem to save shadows for several different times on the same image. I want a single image that shows shadows at 8am 9am 10am 12pm etc. Help.

You can create scenes with the time and date set differently so you can switch between them. To create a single image with the different shadows, export images for each time and then combine them in an image editor or even in LayOut.

Quickie example with SU and an image editor.

Two shadows.



Combine setting the upper layer to Multiply.

How would I compile the images in Layout? I can only export them to layout one at a time as separate documents.

Sounds like you need to study up on the use of LayOut.

You would create scenes as I mentioned previously and then send the file to LayOut. You would then stack viewports. It’s actually more sensible in this case to use an image editor, though. It will give you the ability to control the opacity of each image and the blending method which is not an option in LayOut. you could try tig’s shadow projector which turns shadows into geometry in the model. Then either label or assign to layers based on time/date.

*Edit. Haven’t used Shadow Projector in awhile and wanted to confirm it still worked. Something I didn’t realize before is that it makes component instances of the shadows in either lines, faces, or lines and faces and names the instance with the time…so that way the text callout recognizes it…saving some work :wink: