Export animation as jpeg

Hi, im exporting different shadow settings for a sun studie. I export JPGs to export all scenes at the same time. But the different scenes exports looks the same. The exports have the same shadow setting on all of them except for two when the sun is down.

I used to do this in Sketchup with no problems. So clearly im doing something wrong.


Can you upload the model so we can take a look ?

Sorry for late respond, had a deadline. Here is a link to the model if you still wanna have a look. Thanks for helping

NF sun studie 240206.skp - Google Drive

When i use SUP24 to export the animation, i also get images with the same shade.
Have not found the issue/setting to fix this in SUP24…

Normally i use SUP22 for our sunshadestudies, so i gave it a try to export the animation using SUP22:

[Edit: zip file with exported images removed]

Differences between exporting animation using SUP24 (left) vs SUP22 (right) with same unchanged settings:

I’m on Mac, but I got results from SketchUp 2024 that look much the same as what @AnnoNiem posted. As a test, try setting the graphics to the classic graphics engine in SketchUp->Settings->Graphics and see if that produces different jpgs.

I just tried a new export using SUP24 in with the follwing changes in settings

[Window>Preferences]/[Graphics>GPU Selection>Use system default]
changed to
[Window>Preferences]/[Graphics>GPU Selection>NVIDIA Quadro P5000]
Same results as the earlier SUP24 export.

I also just tried a new export using SUP24 in which i changed the
[Window>Preferences]/[Graphics >Graphics Engine>Use new graphics engine]
changed to
[Window>Preferences]/[Graphics >Graphics Engine>Use classic graphics engine]
Same results as the earlier SUP24 export.

:thinking: hmmmm

Thanks, i exported them one by one instead. But so weird that you have the issue as well with SU 24

There is a known issue with animation exports in SU24. Hopefully soon we’ll see an updated release.

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That explains it! Thanks

For a small project exporting each scene is an option.
But when you have (to) many scenes to export, you could try install an older version next to SUP24.

Huh, I wanted to see if I could recreate this bug, but I can’t. When I export animation as jpeg I get shadows in different positions as expected. This is on Mac with SU24. Am I not understanding the problem correctly, or perhaps I have missed something?

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I wonder if the bug is Windows-specific. I see the shadows move when I export jpg on my Mac too.


I also tried on SU24 windows version and it failed… tried some different setting to no avail :frowning: