Mobile app shadows? Where are they?

Is there a way to add shadows in the viewer app?

I don’t see the option :confused:

The Viewer apps do not yet include an option to toggle shadows on/off, or modify date, time & other shadow settings. You can, however, create scenes in SketchUp with shadows and those scenes will display shadow settings appropriately in the Viewer.


Is this on the roadmap? It would be great for onsite visualizations. It would add a much needed level of realism.

While the app doesn’t yet offer sliders for controlling date/time or lightness/darkness shadow settings, we have added a checkbox to the View menu that offers the ability to toggle shadows on/off.

Thanks, @MikeTadros, but what about AR mode? That’s where shadows would be really nice. Is that on the roadmap?

@tech-tonic, would you mind sharing a bit more about what you’re trying to do in AR? What sort of models are you trying to view (& why)? Aside from shadows, any other ‘rendering’ features are you looking for (& why)? Are there other apps that are solving this problem for you now?

It’s pretty simple. I’d like to view models onsite for visualization purposes. I think AR has the potential to greatly simplify creating “in-context” architectural renders. I think it could be a big time saver over compositing 3D models with photographs. I’m currently not doing this professionally but would like to offer services to local architects if I can get a workflow down that results in decent looking visuals.

Following are a few things I’d like to see in AR mode:

  • Ability to place a pivot point (about which the model would rotate) while onsite in order to simplify positioning and orienting the model.
  • Ability to render shadows (with transparency) for more realistic results. Ideally, one could set the darkness, radius (how “feathered” the edge is), and opacity.
  • Support for geo-referenced models. It would be really sweet if, after adding a location and positioning the model on it, when I went onsite, the app would use my device’s GPS coords, compass, and current time to automatically render the model on site with accurate shadows reasonably close to where it should be. I could then tweak the position as needed to get a decent result.

Check this post for a bit more detail.

I’m aware of Trimble SiteVision, but that’s overkill and outside my budget. It seems like the technology exists, but the app isn’t using the sensors on the device to aid model placement in the real world.

Anyway, those are a few things off the top of my head.

you need to implement in the application in AR mode the shadow setting for rendering on the ground - it would look more realistic. There is a kubity application - it is implemented in it