Settings and preferences are now available in SketchUp for Web

Hi everyone,

Today, we introduced Settings controls in SketchUp for Web, very similar to the Preferences in our desktop version. As you may know, this has been an important (missing) element for a while in our web app. In particular, we know that those of you working with larger models have been impacted by not being able to control SketchUp’s auto-save interval. (Today, finally*, you can).

You can find Settings in the ‘hamburger’ menu available in the modeler. In addition to Autosave interval, you’ll be able to control the Accessibility settings that define the colors of model axes and core inferencing, change the language you’d like the app to load in, and also configure SketchUp’s scroll-to-zoom behavior.

If you’re familiar with the preferences available in SketchUp Pro, you’ll notice that we haven’t replicated everything that’s there. We’re focusing on preferences that we think may have the biggest impact on SketchUp’s usability, and we’re eager to consider new controls that could improve your experience. For starters, take a look at Zoom Sensitivity, which lets you configure how fast your zoom will work in SketchUp. Not exactly a new idea, but one that we think could really help out people who are modeling primarily with trackpads.

I’d love to know what you think about Zoom Sensitivity, and also if there are other controls you’d like to see in SketchUp for Web… whether they’re new ideas or not!


*To those of you who have been really hampered by the 5-minute auto-save interval: we’re sorry!

I’ve seen several forum threads over the past year where people have been rightly frustrated about this missing setting, which made SketchUp for Web unusable for larger models. In addition to working on new settings in our web app, we are also working on making your preferences more persistent across your entire experience with our software. We’ve got more work to do, and we know that how fast we work affects how fast you work. I think we’re getting better on this front; I hope you do too.


Nice! I don’t use SketchUp Web now/yet, but I have seen many complaints about auto-save and I can well-imagine how frustrating and limiting it has been.