General Settings? Where can we set shortcuts and more?

So, as a first thing I loaded the GH House model :wink: It loaded fast and runs super smooth. With Shadows on too. Very cool.

Two observations :

After playing with some styles the screen went black and I had to reload. The model was saved and a message asking if I want to open that model was displayed.

Where do I control shortcuts to access features of the web app now? can this be defined?



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in section Some Shortcuts will be Different:

We’re working on way to customize shortcuts further within my.sketchup, please be patient and keep your eyes open for changes.

Custom shortcuts, and other forms of customization that you may be used to with the desktop versions of SketchUp, are not available as of yet in my.SketchUp.

This being a web application, we’ll be rolling out new functionality every couple of weeks, so please keep checking as the beta moves on.

as I can’t wait for custom shortcuts I added myself for X – zoom extends

document.addEventListener('keypress', function(event) {if(event.key == "x"){Bindings.RunCommand(Bindings.CommandIds.ACTIVATE_ZOOM_EXTENTS)}})

:+1: for Ross, Bugra and rest of the team – last time when I was so excited for an app was in 2004 when I first saw SketchUp

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@tbd ⇧z already works for zoom extents…

just saying…


:grimacing: true that, but I find X to be faster for me

idea: add keyboard shortcut page on ? shortcut a la GMail

For me, custom keyboard shortcuts are crucial. I can’t switch to web version only because of that.


I get it- we want you to be able to customise your working environment to best suit your needs, but at the moment we don’t have a way to store those custom settings for you. We’re working on customizable keyboard shortcuts for a future release, but I don’t have anything to announce today.


I agree.