Setting Sketchup in High Definition laptop

Hi there,
i’m not familiar with Sketchup and a couple of weeks ago i just started to try it.
however, my laptop is Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 with 4K screen, and unfortunately the tool bar as well as all other info are unreadable.
What can be done in order to set the right resolution.

didn’t you automatically get a resultion notification to lower your resolution from your laptop?


It is obvious the OP did not receive any such notification, otherwise why send the post in the first place? Look, I am not a moderator of this site, but I must say that your response is counterproductive and unnecessary.

@erankroto was merely seeking a remedy to an issue that was encountered and you blasted him (or her) for being uninformed. That does not seem to be the intent or spirit of this forum. On top of that you offered no productive suggestions.

On that note, I suggest @erankroto open Control Panel to discover methods for modifying screen resolution on the Lenovo product specified.

Unfortunately it is a known issue that has yet to be resolved.
You can read a bit more bout it in this thread.

Thanks for your email and prompt reply.
i can see that actually, in the meantime there is no built in add on or button that can fix this annoying issue.
since i’m a beginner with SU, i might look for another Arch’ software for small visualizationץ
thanks for your time and efforts.

Calm down, this is a forum to help others and not criticize, if someones opinion is wrong then so be it.

I’m certain that your previous comments to the OP were anything but helpful.

Wow seriously stop being a baby and getting into fights with people younger than you. I basically said the same thing you said. You said change your resolution. I said didn’t you get a notification to change your resolution.

You are the name caller here, and I’m the baby? I’ll let you have the last word so we can end this nonsense.

Hi there,
I must to admit that i feel uncomfortable with the tongue-lashingץ
i got the point we can calm down and close this topic.
thanks you all for the efforts.