Setting measurement for an existing object

How do I reset the measurement for an existing object. When I select the object, I still can’t enter a measurement. I am trying to do this on a long rectangle.


You’ll need to do one of three things. Use the Scale tool or the Tape Measure tool. Or use the Move tool to move one edge of the rectangle.

Thank you Dave. Is there any way to type in the length?

You can’t just select the rectangle and type new dimensions for it. You can use the Scale tool on a side handle and type the new dimension including the units. That will work for simple shapes like a rectangle but it is using the Scale tool so it won’t work in the same way for more complicated shapes.

That’s an interesting demo; however, the measurement box at the bottom right does not allow an entry, and there is no floating measurement box appearing. What am I doing wrong (or what settings need to be set)?


The bottom Measurements box will allow an entry. The floating one is the Measurements Toolbar. It’s really the same thing. I just pulled it out for the GIF so you could see that I was entering the number with the " to get the total length.

Select the rectangle, get the Scale tool, click on the side handle and hold the button while you drag the handle out. Let go of the mouse and type the new length for the side including the units. Hit Enter.

Here’s the usual Measurements box in the lower right corner.

Ok, that worked.

One last question (I hope): How do I see the overall dimensions of the object (entity)? I am trying to create a 1.5" x 1.5" x 6’ rectangle.


You can add dimensions using the Dimension tool.

If you know what size the thing is supposed to be, it’s easier to just draw it that size to begin with. Or, in the case of a rectangular prism, if you need to adjust the length, you could use the Push/Pull tool, too.

Thanks so much for your help, Dave

You’re welcome.

What are you drawing? If I may ask.

I am setting up the spars (?) that will make the framework for a wardrobe cabinet in my garage.

Ah, I see. Remember to make each part a component and copy as needed to make matching parts.

I’m new to SketchUp; at the beginning of the learning curve.

Would a short demo help?

Just about anything will help.

Check your PMs. Click on the R in the brown circle in the upper right part of the screen.

The skill builder video series ( ) helps with increasing your proficiency.

Another skill tip is to practice only one skill or technique at a time until you master it. Doing too many things at once can be confusing and overwhelming. And don’t practice on the actual model - it increases stress and inhibits you from making mistakes that you can learn from. Instead, make a copy or take a small segment and practice on it.

Hotkey setup and use is paramount in increasing the speed at which you can perform functions as well. The ability to setup and edit hotkeys for inherent SU tools as well as added extensions (plugins) is very powerful.

ps Don’t start installing extensions until the need arises. If you perform functions often that involve many steps, you will eventually come to the point that you desire to find a better way - this is when you seek an extension that does these steps for you.

Hope this helps a bit