Cant seem to make a box a set size,


i drew a rectangle used measure tool to re set the length to 36 in then did same with width 24 in then rechecked length which had changed i use dthe push tool to make hight of 24 in . now every time a reset it changes the other two. How do i make a box 36w x24hx24d. and have it stay that.


The method to change geometry with the ‘Tape Measure’ tool changes dimensions in all directions.

To resize a rectangle use the ‘Scale’ tool in one direction entering the value plus units and hit [Enter]. Then in the direction perpendicular, again entering the value plus units and hit [Enter].

Or use a corner grip when scaling and then enter both direction values plus their units.
Like … 3", 5" [Enter]


The easiest way would be to draw it at the desired size from the start. Draw a rectangle with the Rectangle tool and enter the dimensions as 36,24 and hit enter. Push/pull to height entering 24 to get the 24 in. height.


thanks I try this and see how it works


ok works well, a little hard to o
hold mouse and type size second question how to put measurement lines ie waht is measurement from a to b. I planing a cab and need printed dimensions.


You don’t need to hold the mouse. In fact, don’t! Get the Rectangle tool. Click and release to set the start point. Move the mouse in the direction you want the rectangle located. LET GO OF THE MOUSE. Type 36,24 and hit Enter. You’ll have a rectangle that is 36 x 24. Then get the Push/Pull tool, click on the face and release. Move the mouse so the face extrudes a bit and type 24. Hit enter and you’ll have a box.

I sent you a couple of PMs with some links to videos that might help.


Thanks all the videos i’v seen go way to fast and assume you know what to do and what to click or type.

Thanks for taking time , my second questions wa to put dimensions on the dighram


Also How will the links come (to my email?)


You can put dimensions in using the Dimension tool.

The links are in PMs. click on the P in the pink circle in the upper right corner of the window and you’ll see the messages.


again many thanks i starting to learn i just had knee surgery and desided to learn sketch up while sitting all day. merry christmas