Serious bug in SU 17 New OpenGL Preferences

A year ago I reported a serious bug in SU 16 OpenGL Preferences; see:
Serious Bug in Sketchup 16 Preferences OpenGL Settings
But I was able to find a workaround.
This led to the changes in the OpenGL Preferences now in SU17 where SU tries to find the best settings.
THIS HAS FAILED BIG TIME at least on my Graphics card. But now I’m prevented from setting the optimal choice: No work around. SU 17 is therefore MUCH slower that SU 16. Its like I’m not using hardware acceleration at all. Since my Su 16 license expires 30 days after downloading SU 17 this is big trouble. Someone tel me if there is a fix for this???
Here are the dialogs on SU 16 and SU 17 respectively. Notice that the Pixel format is quite different.

what makes you think that, do you have a network licence?

what expires is the ability to re-license on a new hard drive, but it can remain indefinitely on the original system [or 2]…

many people keep many versions of SU [Pro or Make] concurrently…

that’s how we test our plugins on older versions…


I misread the announcement that it only applies to network licences. Thanks

And your driver is a bit old. It is from like ~ May of 2015.

version 375.70 - WHQL
was released Fri Oct 28, 2016

NOTE: By the time you read this, Nvidia likely has released a newer driver.
Download The Latest Official GeForce Drivers
Enter your model, OS and click “Start Search” button.

Windows says the driver is up to date.
AND it works fine with SU16.
I doubt the new SU17 preferences logic was developed and tested within the last 3 weeks.

For drivers, don’t rely on Windows automatic updating. Go directly to the Nvidia website.

Updating my drivers solved the problem.
However, the SU17 upgrade process should:

  • Warn users they might need to upgrade drivers.

  • Ideally detect that the driver wont work. This should be possible since the new Preferences dialog is supposedly (according to the release notes) detecting and setting what it says will be the optimal settings.

I realize there many many graphics cards out there, but if SU says you can trust it to make the right settings (for a card/driver that works fine in SU16) then that’s what it should do.

I expect there will be hundreds if not thousands of users who will be tripped up by this when they get around to upgrading. Prepare for the deluge.

The deluge of users coming here to find out they need to update their driver happens with every SU version update as the OpenGL requirements for SU tightens up with each new version released. Updating the driver is one of the first troubleshooting steps.

Well, imagine that… :rolling_eyes:

I didn’t just guess at this Barry. I have a test machine with both Nvidia and Intel graphics, and both drivers failed when trying to load SketchUp or CheckUp. Both drivers needed to be updated to very recent versions, in order to run SU2017.

Huh? They’ve been working the 2017 code for 9 months or more! … and your drivers were near 1 year & 7 months old.

In order to get my test machine working, I needed to install the Nvidia game ready driver version 372.90, which pre-dates 375.70 by a least 3 weeks.

They DID try. CheckUp utility is built into SketchUp, so it will popup a listing dialog that will show the identical information that the CheckUp utility shows if the machine fails the test.

But,… like most new things, it is not yet 100% accurate. There are open issues for detecting VRAM with some drivers.
Also some of the older Intel drivers (~2013) will crash both SketchUp and the CheckUp utility, without a BugSplat!. In this case, we have to go into the WER report files to see that the OpenGL driver library is the fault module.

So your system with it’s old drivers, is one that is falling through a crack in the CheckUp routine.

“They DID try”.??? Excuses Excuses.
Bill Gates also “tried” to clean up the mess after he belatedly found out his software could be hacked and infected. He would be a penniless hobo if he had to pay for all time wasted by his millions of customers. Like when I had the bad idea to try to upgrade to WIndows 10.

Just a small warning label in advance of install would have been the least that SU could have done if adult supervision was present. My 18 month old drivers were working fine for multiple applications. And changing graphics drivers often can open up other cans of worms. The driver updates add fancy features for gaming but add NOTHING that SU needs or uses.

the problem is not being required to update the graphics driver - which is btw not feasible for many notebooks working w/ non-recent drivers of the manufacturer only - but that the options for getting SU to run with non-top-notch video sub-systems or older drivers (= using the SU 32-bit version / disabling the hardware acceleration) is cut off w/ SU 2017.

Recap and advice for SU18:
When I reported the original bug last year:
Serious Bug in Sketchup 16 Preferences OpenGL Settings
I found a work around involving unchecking hardware acceleration, closing the preferences dialog, then opening it again.

In SU17 they tried to solve the problem by automatically attempting to set the optimal settings. This is a laudable goal but this is almost impossible to do given the number of cards and drivers out there. The correct solution going forward would be to keep an “advanced” button to allow the user to override the automatic settings if necessary.

Otherwise we will have this problem every year.

I admit to taking a similar attitude to Barry for updating drivers. I generally do it only when a previous one encounters problems, and do not bother fixing what isn’t broken, even though updating has for years been quite painless.


Why updating graphics drivers is usually a waste of time:
(Updating graphics drivers on my machine wastes about a half hour of my life.)

Graphics cards manufacturers support many hundreds of cards. To simplify their lives, they publish omnibus drivers that cover an entire family of cards.

My cards is a Nvidia GeForce 520. I go to their driver web page and select “GeForce 500 Series”. Up comes a list of available drivers. They are 10 on the list issued in the last 6 months. They are all successive versions of the same driver. About one version every 2 weeks! I click on the most recent and up comes a list of the 50+ supported cards.
Notice that my card isn’t even on the list. (GeForce GTX 555 is the lowest number mentioned in the 500 series.)
So the actual supported list is multiple times longer that 50.

What’s going on here is that as they introduce newer high end gaming and virtual reality cards with new features, they reissue the omnibus driver. Because the new features are likely to have “issues”, they have to reissue version fixes once a month or more.

So its very likely that there have been about 30 driver updates issued in the 18 months since I last actually updated my driver. Yet because the features of my 520 are stable, its very likely that NONE of these 30 updates have any relevance for my card (or for SU).

So the ONLY feature that was relevant is that SU17 lost the ability that SU16 had to query and select optimal setting for the 520 card.