'Send to back' - how to select?

If I use the command ‘Send to back’ and then subsequently want to select that item to move or alter it, how do I select it? I can’t see any way, save for moving whatever is above it out of the way, which is obviously not a good solution. Tried various key combinations but no luck.

Some way of seeing that there are stacked items when selecting the top level would be useful.

Why not use Layers? Then you can turn off the visibility for layers higher in the stack.

That seems to me to be overkill for simple things - stacking is there presumably because someone thought it was a good idea - and it is - it’s just that control seems to be lacking, unless I’m missing something. I use Swift Publisher and a cmd-click on a stack will select the back item - that’s all I need!

Well, in LayOut, using layers is the method to stack entities that allows easy access to the ones lower in the stack. There’s much more control with Layers since they can be locked or the entities on those layers can be hidden. You don’t have to use them but they make sense.

Leaving methodology to one side, is it the case then that there is no way to select something in a stack other than what is on top?

Basically, yes. Unless you move what’s on top to one side or send it to the back.