Selecting objects underneath other objects

Looking for tips:
I am lacking a fast and efficient way to select the desired object when there are several objects superimposed on top of each other.

selecting the underneath object in a stack takes too long if i used layer visibility. Too much clicking around across the screen and back.

Selection with a window instead of point+click is great, but sometimes inappropriate. And sometimes the underneath object is just hidden under a fill…

Looks like i am missing some clever method?!

I wish LO had an ultra-fast pre-selection functionality like Autodesk Revit : the tab key cycles through any superimposed or nearby (close to the cursor) objects and the ‘about-to-be-selected’ object gets highlighted (line color changes). Mouse click to confirm selection.

I don’t know a clever method (but that maybe because I am not clever). LO uses the standard 2D method of ordering things according to the hierarchy established by their layer list order.

I daresay other software does have cunning ways around this, but remind me again of the subscription costs for Revit and Sketchup…

Aside from using layers you might want to consider placing objects in groups. Another tool is the ability to lock objects. When your in a group it’s easy to select other members of the group without selecting things nearby or under things.

Thanks for your responses, gentlemen.
I am aware of locking, grouping and layer visibility. I suppose that for simple layout drawings that toolset is sufficient. For more complex 2D construction details, these methods are a bit cumbersome and slow to use for my taste.

I could bump up this post to a Feature Request, if the community likes my Revit-like pre-selection initiative.
Feel free to comment everybody. :wink:


Mouse travel and mouse clicks are the pro user game.

I have struggled with this very issue so am glad you have posted about it.

I like the idea of a keyboard shortcut that cycles thru all the objects under the pointer. Sketchup just upgraded the option button cycling for the move/copy/stamp tool. Seems like it would be a correct solution for this use case as well. Might also be an effective tool for managing all the objects in a drawing title (i.e. title, scale, reference, and base line length).