How to select a face beneath/behind another face?

I’m using “X-ray” view to see objects beneath the furniture I made. Is there an easy way to select a face beneath/behind another face WITHOUT actually going inside the furniture just to select the object/face I want?

This method is used in Adobe InDesign. To select an object (in InDesign), generally you would just click on it. If the object is behind/below another object on the same layer, you need to Cmd (Ctrl) + click on it, with each click selecting the next item down in the stack.

Is this possible in Sketchup?

I don’t think so. In SU, you do either have to navigate inside or, if possible, round the back. But usually, you would have constructed things using Groups and Components so that you can select the relevant one first. That’s especially easy now that we have visibility tags in Outliner.

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Curic Stretch

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With 'Hidden Geometry’off you can somehow drill into the model to where the face is.

Make two shortcut keys: ‘Hide’ and ‘Unhide Last’
Single click (to select the nearest geometry) on the location where the face is somewhere in the back > hit the ‘Hide’ key > repeat these two steps till you get to the wanted face (or its grouped environment to then enter that) > do what you wanted to do with the face > (escape the grouped environment) > hit ‘Unhide Last’.

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