Self Intersecting faces

Hi All,

I have been playing around trying to create a receiver for a ball joint, using the various solid tools.

The model attached is listed as a solid group but when I slice it I get a weird result and a warning about self intersecting faces. Looking at it through x-ray in sketchup the geometry looks fine, how can I see self intersecting faces and how do i fix them?

bowl.skp (1.5 MB)


How are you going about slicing the model? In what direction?

A screen capture would be a good visual aid.


There are a number of issues.
You have reset the axes, and when reset the bowl is slightly askew [~1.6°] and off axis anyway.
Having made all of the smoothed edges back into normal edges, I find that there are some hidden edges in the base ‘cylinder’.
I made these normal edges too…
These can be erased and the rectangles remade.
SketchUp considers it a solid but there are these intersecting parts which need correcting…
One easy fix would have been to make sure the segment count of the parts was the same…

A simple ‘FollowMe’ makes it in a few steps - skipping the fixes…


[quote=“TIG, post:3, topic:39565”]
You have reset the axes, and when reset the bowl is slightly askew [~1.6°] and off axis anyway.[/quote]

sorry this was a rotate I made for posting in the forum so it wasn’t upside down, will pay more attention next time

Sorry, as a learning point can you explain how you achieved this. How to you return the smooth edges to normal? Plus how did this happen, I didn’t use the smooth tool so sketchup must have done that.

studying the cylinder with x-ray and untoggling all hidden objects I cannot see anything unusual, nor in the texture faces. However, in your screenshot above I can see where you have added the diagonals to fix it.

Ah i see, do you mean the sphere parts was based from a 48 segment circle but I left the cylinder circle at 24?

Oh, and how obvious is that, use the follow me tool! I spent time cutting one sphere from another but now i can see how stupid that was!

Thanks for your help!

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