Selecting / Unselecting Visibility of All Layers

I’m kind of surprised this is not a feature. Lists of layers quickly get long. I often find myself wanting to view only one layer, or all layers. But every time, I have to individually select or unselect each layer. There should be an “all” box at the top that either selects or unselects all the layers (except the current one of course).
I did recently figure out that I can select multiple lines, and when I check or uncheck a box, it does all, but this is not intuitive. Why not just have an “all” box at the top?

There is an extension called “layer manager” on the extension warehouse store. You could take a look to see if it suits your needs.

I think we all need to agree that the feature requests category assumes a request for a native feature. You can get an extension to do just about anything you want.

Fair enough, but this would probably solve your problem in the meantime, as even if your feature request is accepted you probably won’t see it until near the end of year. So your struggles will continue for now.

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Why not use the “Select All” menu in the Layers dialog?

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I was going to ask that, too.

Easy enough. Then deselect Layer 0 because you can’t hide the default layer.

Must be aWindows thing. I don’t see that option anywhere.

Oh, that’s too bad.

I’m not disagreeing, by the way. There is room for a button on the Layer dialog. It would be slightly more convenient.

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Exactly. It would be “Easy” …wink at the developers.

That would nice. Also if CTRL+A worked inside the Layers list, instead of selecting all geometry in the model’s active context.

But it is there, but it is in the “Details” menu. [ADD: Oh Jim beat me to it.]

Once you “Select All”, you can use the Windows standard list selection management protocols. (These have been around forever.) Ie, [EDIT: Oh I see the OP is on Mac.]

  • click an item to begin a selection set, hold SHIFT and click another item above or below to select a range of items.
  • hold CTRL and click to add or remove individual items from a selection set.
  • navigate lists using HOME and END.

For example, let us say you wish to select all layers from the 4th one down to the end, and switch them off:

  1. Click to select the 4th layer
  2. Hold SHIFT and click END (the 4th…last are now selected)
  3. Click in one of the selected layer’s check boxes

For example say you want to turn off all but a few scattered layers.

  1. “Details” menu > “Select All”
  2. Hold CTRL whilst toggling selected state of layers you want to leave on.
  3. Click in one of the selected layer’s check boxes

I disagree. Many “feature requests” turn out to be people looking to make a specific job easier. Many of these people aren’t familiar enough with SketchUp to even realize the vast selection of extensions available, sometimes they don’t even know that extensions even exist!. MANY “feature requests” are satisfied by making the OP aware of an extension.


Can I agree while disagreeing? I think that anything sane is fair game for a Feature Request, even if there is a workaround or an extension available to do what the requester wants. But it is also fair to point out the alternatives in a FR discussion because we all know that many FRs are never addressed.


Maybe there should be two different topics - “Native Feature Requests” and “Extension Requests”

I’ve seen on a couple of tutorials where you can set one scene for all layers on and another for all layers off, then save it to your default template. I’ve adopted this workflow and find it works very well.

Just setup a saved scene with all the layers off and keep it up to date
I also have one with all the layers on too

Layer control is a pain though in SU

I think being able to create sets of layers (layer sets) would be awesome.

We’ve talked about this in the past as “Layer Groups”.
Search around the forum and you’ll find discussions (as it’s a bit off-topic for this thread.)

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Or how about calling them Layer Layers? ; )