Turn on or off all other visible Layers?

Hi guys,
Need to know if there’s a way to turn on or off all other layers at once. The layer list is so long that it has become more than a bother to scroll up & down particularly when the list keeps scrolling down to the last layer turned off. A sub menu on the selected item or a menu in the layer dialogue box?

Dialogs work with the usual modifiers, Use shift to select everything between clicks, and ctrl to select multiple individuals.

You could setup Scenes to control layer visibility only.

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Thanks guys, the shift key at the end of it all may accomplish what I want & saving a scene with all layers on & one with all layers off might work to. The default layer being 0 shouldn’t be turned off without the warning but outliner doesn’t appear in the window/outliner menu in 2016 anymore. Layer manager seems over the top when a context menu on the select tool seems appropriate. Layers on/Layers off? Turning all layers on or off. Like wise in the layers dialogue box itself. I’m guessing the list of layers being over 250 has exacerbated my problem when the list keeps scrolling to the last layer shut off which means more scrolling back to the top of active layers. A top or bottom link in the Layers dialogue box while you hold shift to select all?

Wow BOX the shift key worked though It seemed like I had returned to a 386 instead of the duel core Pentium processors my desktop is running. Hang time wasn’t crash time though. I could check one box to get all the layers selected after they where all highlighted blue with the shift key & I didn’t highlight the layer 0. Wonder why it’s not in any of the YouTube layer videos? Turns out I had deleted a wall while moving it between layers! Bad mojo.
I’m guessing Layer Manager will be appropriate to down load at this point. Suggestions appreciated.

It is like Windows 2.0 Basic list control functionality. It is not unique to SketchUp.

For sure DanRathbun, not so intuitive though.

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It is if you either read the Windows “Getting Started” tutorial, or…

… have been using the SketchUp SelectionTool for years (along with the CTRL and SHIFT key modifiers.)