Select all objects in a layer

Pretty basic question here…
I’m trying to select all entities in a certain layer. Is there a way?

You could turn off the visibility for the other layers leaving those entities on the desired layer visible for selection. You can quickly turn off all layers by selecting the first one in the list and then the last one while holding Shift. Then deselect the layer containing the groups/components you want to select. Turn off the visibility for the selected layers.


Ah yes. That’s pretty quick and easy. Thanks.

Any time.

Your question made me go hunt to see if there’s an extension that might allow it to be done differently but I didn’t find one.

This two-liner pasted into the Ruby Console will select everything in the current context by layer-name.
Edit the first line to define the layer’s name - default “Layer0”.

m=Sketchup.active_model; s=m.selection; s.clear; m.active_entities.each{|e| s.add(e) if };

Selection Toys has a Select all on Selected Layer option.


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