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Often times when looking at my model, I want to focus on a single component. You should be able to select a component, and select “Hide all components except this one”.



you can already…

Model Info >> Components >> Hide…


Thanks for the reply. I do have that feature set, but it only applies when editing. I would like to be able to hide everything but this all the time, not just when editing.

Select them all, deselect the one you want to see, then hide them. If you want a way of selecting all instances, look in the Components window, right-click on the component and choose “Select Instances”, deselect the one you want to see then hide the rest.

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Just a suggestion: layers are a better way of doing this. SketchUp’s hide function does not keep a memory beyond “last” and “all”. Associating the rest with a layer and turning off visibility of that layer is, I think, easier and less likely to get you into confusion.


Yeah, this would be nice, but , as @john_drivenupthewall said, the edit option is two clicks, which is the same as if you would select it first , and then applied the feature-request-action (two clicks)
I would rather see a slider, in which you could set the visibilty of the levels (like selecting a range in the generate report) This way, you can focus on the grand scheme of things and when you want to see more detail, you can slide it up to a deeper (nested) level.

using Scenes and Layer disability is the best way for SU to know what to hide…

also a Feature Request is a moot point for SU v17 Make…


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SketchUp …? upto 2018 will do!

There’s an easy way to achieve this with native tools etc.
See attached file and screen grab: Don’t forget to assign a shortcut key to 'File/Geo-location/Show Terrain’To make toggling even easier.
Hide all components except this one.skp (264.3 KB)


Remember that the layer ‘Location Terrain’ activates the ‘Toggle Terrain’ button (and its shortcut key). You’ll need this layer. Don’t make any typos!

p.s. the model doesn’t need to be geo-located


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