Show/Hide levels of groups/components - is there a plug-in for this?

Wondering if there exists a plug-in for this functionality:

Sometimes when editing a group or component that is nested within several other groups or components, simply hiding or showing the rest of the model (as Sketchup allows) is not sufficient. It would be good to have a way (perhaps a hotkey) that would show the current component plus the component that the current is nested in. Or the current plus two, or plus three. You could increase or decrease the level of visibility with up and down hotkeys while editing.

As a concrete example, consider editing a handrail group that is nested within and guardrail component that is nested within a stair component nested within a deck component. If I’m editing the handrail, I might want to see the whole guardrail at times but not the whole model. This feature would allow that.

Is such a thing possible? Has it already been done?

Outliner, turn off visibility, Hide Rest Of Model…

Curic To Level

Thank you for the reply. I know about the “hide rest of model” feature, but that only works by showing the group/component currently being edited, and hides everything else.

I would like a feature where I can show the component being edited, plus perhaps the component that it is nested in, and the one that is nested in. And then hide everything else. So a way to step up a level at a time in terms of what is being hidden, all while I am editing a component that is more nested than what is being displayed.

This does not appear to be a feature of SketchUp currently and I’m wondering if there is a plug-in for it or if it is even possible given the structure of how the model is represented.