Hide/unhide rest of model



When I’m editing a nested component/group inside a component/group the ‘hide rest of model’ works only for the complete model. It toggles the complete model on of off.

Is it possible to toggle between ‘show rest of component’ on/off instead of ‘show rest of the complete model’ when editing a group or component?

This is a time saver because I can see exactly what I’m doing when editing a nested group inside a component because it shows me what else is inside this component.



Hello and there is a setting from the View Tab for hiding rest of model or similar components. Toggling both on or one or the other as your needs suit. You just select the component and when you open it the selected effect will show on screen. You can assign hot keys for them and make them darker or lighter. The screen shot may help and this is for components. Many here have there own views on components vs. groups. I make everything components and use “make unique” to separate it. If I use group option it is just to help move a piece so it wont stick, until I like it. Another trick if you are changing a piece in your model that is a component is to. Just move/copy it way off to the side, then you can scale it up to get a better view and modify in anyway. When your happy with it, just delete it!! As the original will reflect all the changes and you wont have to try and put it back were it was. Or work around other parts in that area. Hope it helps and have fun!! …Peace…
edit: I use Ctrl+H for “hide all” and Shift+H for “hide similar”, what ever helps you remember…


As an alternative, maybe you could create a layer for the mother component, create a scene which only has that layer visible, and then have neither other components nor the rest of the model hidden. That should show all of the child components together without pieces disappearing as you edit deeper into the nestings.


I definitely agree, this would be a really great option to add. Many times when editing a nested group or component, you only want to see the parent of that group or component for reference and not the entire model. Hope this becomes an option!