Hide rest of model (except parent group?)

hi all – the hide rest of model command is amazing – I have it mapped to a shortcut key for quick use and it is one of the ways my workflow is super smooth. Having said that, I’d love the ability to toggle on/off the parent group while the rest of the model remains hidden.

Often times I am inside a group or component with hide rest of model turn on, but I’d love to be able to quickly turn on the group or component directly “above” in the hierarchy – for example, editing a window inside a group that contains all other floor elements that I’d like to see. I have solved this issue by also toggling sections on and off, but it gets tricky when what I want to see is sliced by a section cut.

Just an idea – would love to see it or hear about how others address it.


I am in favor. I would like to see an xtra slider in Model Info for ‘Parent’ or ‘Assembly’
It would be constraint by the ‘rest of model’ slider, meaning, it won’t get less visible then the rest of model.


Has been discussed before. I agree it sounds useful.
The Model Info > Components menu would be the logical place to adjust the number of levels of obscurity.

I also liked the ability to make the other components xray or wireframe as well as faded.


I reaaaaaally need this too ! It would change everything to me !

I understand. Sometimes I take a copy of the parent component away from the rest of the model. For something like stairs I might leave the copy indefinitely for use during the project. Then the rail details etc. are easy to work with and I can always look at the in situ version as well. (It doesn’t feel like a game changer for me.)