Make quick changes to the Visible/Hidden Sets

I work with models that have many components (mechanical assemblies). Selectively hiding components that I’m not working with in the moment, or interfere with my view, is something that I am doing all the time.

Using layers is not very fast or convenient to me, and I think hiding objects on the screen is much more convenient than changing layer settings.

It is very easy to hide a single object, or any set of them–I simply select them and choose Hide (H). What would be extremely helpful is >>exactly the reverse of this.<< That is, graphically choose (click on, or draw a selection window) from the set of >>HIDDEN OBJECTS.<<

Let’s say I am working with 10% of the components in my model, and they are the only ones visible. I select a button like “Choose hidden objects” (or better yet use a key!). All of the hidden objects appear on the screen, but greyed-out. I use the same clicking or windowing to select the set of objects to make visible, press V, or enter, or something, and…voila: I’ve pulled them out from invisibility.

Instead of clicking on the layer settings for the 90% of objects I don’t want to see at the moment, and then scrolling through that list to make visible one or two from that long list that I now want to see, this graphical approach would be much more “Sketchup-like” and faster.

I would love to see this feature, and have not seen it in any other CAD program.

Have you tried View->Hidden Geometry? It will make hidden geometry visible but with edges dashed and faces meshed. You can then select the hidden geometry and unhide it. However, unlike layers, hide does not provide any organizing power. You can’t create a collection of components to hide/unhide together.

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Well, that was eye-opening. Thank you. I had used View Hidden Geometry before, but never realized that I could select from what was displayed–I have used it only as a means of making visible vertices or edges.

And the display of all that geometry does make it harder to see and select what I want, so it is not quite what I had hoped for. Also, it gives you a four-step process to display selected hidden objects:

  1. choose view hidden geometry
  2. select objects
  3. choose unhide selection
  4. remove view hidden geometry.

A clean inverse of the process to hide an object could involve only three steps, it seems to me: 1) view hidden objects (preferably without the geometry), 2) select objects, 3) choose “unhide” (which also returns the hidden objects to invisibility).

I like the organizational power of layers for other purposes (more for presentation). For the efficient, smooth, intuitive interaction with the model when designing, the graphical approach works much better for me (in conjunction with shortcut keys always!). Coming from the AutoCad world, I really appreciate the difference.

Thanks for your suggestion, though: I’ve already added new shortcut keys.

Edit (menu) > Unhide (submenu) > Last

Create an accelerator key shortcut, by selecting something, Hiding it, THEN open
Window (menu) > Preferences (dialog) > Shortcuts (panel)
Type “Las” into the Filter box and you’ll see it.
Select it, assign some key (or key combo.)