Selecting started to highlight the previous selection

In 2021 Pro when I select something new, I get the previous selection flash on the screen highlighted in blue… it is very distracting. This just started happening after I installed 2022. I uninstalled 2022 but it continues to do the highlighting.

This sounds like a graphics issue. Try updating the graphics drivers directly from the manufacture. Do a cold reboot of the computer, too.

Please complete your profile with SU version, etc.

As you use integrated graphics, if you haven’t yet done so, try unchecking the “fast feedback” box from Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL and restarting SketchUp.

Thanks for the feed back. I haven’t had a chance to try the driver update. Will post the outcome, hopefully tomorrow.

I use SU 2021 Pro. I have Nvidia graphics.


Please correct your forum profile with that information. It helps us help you.

Then you should absolutely NOT follow my advice about Fast Feedback. It was given based on information in your profile

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I still have the problem after updating to the latest nvidia drivers.
I bought & installed SU Pro 2022 yesterday and I still get the previous selection flash on when starting a new selection?

Latest according to what source? Microsoft, or Nvidia? Microsoft’s source is often not as new as Nvidia’s source.

Thanks for the feedback. I downloaded the Nvidia driver from Nvidia website and the problem still persisted.
I did find where the issue was hiding, I opened the Nvidia control panel and there are options.

  1. Let the 3D app decide
  2. Use my advanced image settings
  3. Use my preference emphasizing - Quality…
    It was on the second. I changed to 1. Let the App decide.
    All good now.