Selecting multiple objects on top of a bigger one


You have a linked drawing filling almost completely a page. On top of this are drawn some layout objects.
Now I will select more then one object. So I will draw a selecting box around these objects.
When I click with the select tool on the page (linked drawing) the selector changes to pan tool and I move (pan) the drawing!
I am missing something?


Hmmm, mine doesn’t do that, but somehow, it must be detecting a double click to put the model into edit mode. Either (a) shift click on the model to deselect it from your selection or (b) be aware that upper right to lower left select will select only the objects COMPLETELY inside the selection square, whereas lower right to upper left selects any object that’s partially in the selection box, and it sounds like you want the former.



No way, becoming mad. I’am running on Win7, some setting in the operating system? I did some tests on different computers. I’am also aware of the upright-lowleft selecting movement.
When I start outside the linked drawing, I can normally select multiple objects.


If you keep the mouse down, it should move the model, not edit it. What most people do is put the model on it’s own layer, then lock that layer so it can’t be selected or moved or changed, then you can easily select and manipulate items rendered on top of the model. When you do want to change the something in the model, unlock the layer, edit, and lock again.

Does that help?



It’s a way to solve it.
I did a simplified test:

When I make a selecting box from P1 to P3 only the 4 internal rectangels are selected. The cursor behaves as as a selection pointer.
When I start at P2 things went wrong.