Selecting a surface creates a strange 'shadow' - what is going on? (with picture)

Hi there,

When I triple-click on a surface to extrude it I get this long shadow that looks ‘selected’. This is happening on all components in the model. I thought it might be because something isn’t square but I’ve checked everything and it seems ok. I’m using the Cabinet Sense extension.

Hope you can help!

Could you share the .skp file with us so we can examine the model? Looks like there’s some attached hidden geometry but it’s hard to tell without seeing the model.

Loft room copy.skp (1.8 MB)
Uploaded! Thanks so much.

I’m not seeing that in your model on my computer. Which component are you editing?

I suspect it’s related to your graphics card. You might try quitting SketchUp and doing a power off reboot to see if that changes anything.

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I also don’t see anything wrong in your model.

I see that you are using Mac OS.

To get informations about you graphic card, use: Apple Menu → About this Mac → System Report → Graphic Cards.

You may see a couple of choices on the top of the window that opens.

On my Macbook Pro 2017, I see these:

  • Intel HD GRaphics 630;
  • Radeon Pro 560.

Clicking on anyone gives you more details.

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Thanks, both. A reboot did the job. I should have thought of that!

@jean_lemire_1 - these are the details I see. Looks like an integrated GPU?
Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 14.27.01


You have a M1 chip. With the M2, these are the newest chips made by Apple.

The M1 and M2 chips integrate the microprocessor as well as the graphic processor and a lot of other components on a single chip.


Apple silicon M series chips are SOC’s which means system on a chip, they have the cpu, gpu, neural engine video encoders and ram on a single die. Apple integrated gpu’s are a lot more powerful than intel or even amd’s, on those CPU’s the gpu uses less than 20% of the die while on apple soc it’s more than 50%. An m1 ultra and M1 max gpu’s are very powerful consuming a fraction of the power of a discrete gpu, the only disadvantage for now, compared to Nvidia, amd and intel dedicated gpu’s is the lack of ray tracing cores, I’m sure apple will implement them in the near future but for now programs like twinmotion, rendering engines like vray or blender’s cycles can’t take advantage of this which reduces the rendering times in over a 100%. For sketchup having an m1 soc is good, cause it has one of the best single core performance on the market and the gpu is powerful enough to handle even big models.

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