Selecting a model ( for movement )

Im new to Scetchup.

I have created a Grass Square( representing ground level ), and a 3d Box.
I have placed the 3D box at coordinates [0,0,0,]

How do i select the Box without selecting the Ground?

Tripple clicking the Box also selects the ground.
I woild also like to avoid rotating around select all of Box’s components manually.

For example if i create a Staircase by assembling multiple Squares, i would want the option to select each individual Square and rearrange/ move it.

Sounds like before you do anything else you should go throughh the instructional content at

You need to learn about using groups and components especially. They are used to separate geometry into objects.

BTW, since you are using SketchUp Free (web) I moved your post to that category.

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