Selecting an object once added to another

I am trying to design a simple box to put batteries in using 18mm ply. I have all the parts but haven’t created a material or coloured them. When I drag a side to the bottom and its not in quite the right place I can no longer select it to move it. If a click 3 times all the parts that it is placed or connected too get selected.

This been one of the most frustrating aspects as every time I make a box, one measurement or where it sits cannot be selected after I have put it where I want it.

Does it need to be a material?

I cant imagine that you have to place the object exactly where it is required or get the size exactly right. Once I zoom I realise that I always need to move it

Thanks for any help

I expect you aren’t making components of the parts so everything sticks together. Share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve modeled so far.

You need to learn about groups and components . That way you can easily move say a selected side (as a group) around.

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Start here:The Learning Center

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