Select areas of a mesh?

hi guys ive got a mesh from a model i got 3d scanned., im looking to to be able to go around joining points and highlight a big section of the model and extend that highlighted part but i cant seem to be able to like draw a line around it to make my own selected group.

thanks if you can help!

Yeah I did a similar thing - had a clay model 3D scanned and imported the .3ds. Now I have a 50 MB file and no idea how to manipulate it. This forum seems pretty “light” on this topic. Bummer. Paid $250 for the scan…

So tell us exactly how the model is structured and what you want to remove and you’ll get an answer. How is anybody supposed to tell you how to dismantle a model when whoever modeled it could have done it a dozen different ways?


Turn on Hidden Geometry so you can see everything.

Use the Sandbox tool Smoove + Shift may work. Depending on your radius, the tool could also move behind the target though. You also can select areas and just Move it or use the Scale tool. See the sections under Tweaking Tool Tips. Note that I used low-poly models throughout for ease of manipulation. If I really need something high-poly, I use a subdivide plugin. The plugin Artisan may tickle your fancy. It includes the above mentions subdivide function.

There can be a number of different issues with scanned data. MeshLab folks now have some tuts which could help ? I assume you do not want to post model because of cost but perhaps you can mail to someone or post to file sharing site and limit who can see it? 3D Scanning: Alignment - YouTube