Select tool lagging, making rendering frustrating

hi all,

trying to punch out a very simple model of a shadow box centered in an interior window. finding that all other tools work just fine, excluding the selection/pointer tool, which lags for several seconds when i select it with the hotkey or software button. older models seem unaffected.

my hardware is far from spectacular, but sketchup has never given me an issue with lag on this system over the past ~2 years. i did a windows 10 update recently, and had not used the program since. i have read here that some win 10 updates have screwed with the 2017 free version in the past. would love to get things running smoothly again so that i can get this render done. .skp model is attached. thanks in advance


0076 - rings true shadow box and display.skp (690.4 KB)

here you go!

Note: I do not think it has anything to do with the model. Best to update the drivers for your internal graphic card…

mike, thanks for your response.

although, drivers updated, still having the same issue. new program file seems to be having it as well. older renders seem to be unaffected.

Maybe time to go pro…


In preferences > open GL try , disable fast feedback.

from the OP’s profile

i’m a furniture maker in NC, USA. i’ve used sketchup for years to render pieces for potential clients and work out design issues. while my skills remain fairly basic, i love the program and am learning more all the time.

License Type: SketchUp Make (desktop)

from the OP’s initial post

SketchUp 2017 Make is not a “free version”. It is software used under a non-commercial use license.

Speaking of the elephant in the room, we all know that the misuse of this license was the primary factor that led to the discontinuance of the Make edition.



Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, here. I had a technical issue that I was simply trying to solve.

Apologies for my mis-use of the software. Totally understood that people want to be paid for fair work. I’ll consider subscribing to Pro or another program for my purposes.



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