Select Tool lag issue on Windows 10

Issue showed up for me all of a sudden last night. Glad to have found this thread, otherwise not sure what I would have done. Thank you all!

I’m on a 2016 or 2017 Surface Book running SU Pro 2018

i have a surface pro…pretty new…w/an i7 and integrated graphics. What i’m seeing is the selection box doesn’t show up at all. Is this what you were seeing? i’m not to sketchup so i have not paid for the pro version and i’m guessing this patch only works for the pro version of the product. Is that true?

thanks for any help

yes that is true.

Thanks…well i guess my only option is to try the web version of this tool. I cannot really afford 700 for something that i really don’t use professionally

That’s a graphics driver issue that’s not a part of Selection tool lag issue, but still may be helped by a driver update (or a driver rollback). Selecting stuff is still possible whether or not you see the selection box you are dragging across the screen.

Try going to Intel for drivers to try out instead of relying on Windows Update.

You might want do a fallback to the less demanding SU Make version 2016.

ok…i can do that and see if it helps. I’d sure rather not go to the web version of the project quite yet.

i didn’t even think that that was an option…are the older versions available?

Did you click on the supplied link?

doh…didn’t even notice that it was a link Dave. Let me try that

ok…installed Make 2016 - 64bit…no real difference. Unsure if 32b might be better

Did you try turning off Hardware Acceleration in Preferences,OpenGL?

Dave…actually on this surface i cannot find anywhere where that is an
option. I’ve seen that on other PCs

Did you look in the Window menu in SketchUp for Preferences>OpenGL?

ah…i didn’t know there was an option there i was looking in the typical windows display area. Dave…that pretty much solved the issue. The selection box now shows up…sort of slow but dramatically better and usable. Thanks so much

BTW prior to this, earler today, i’d tried to install the Intel drivers but they refuse to install after doing a h/w check – i think the surface must have surface specific drivers – and then i downloaded the latest drivers from MSFT…to no avail though.

Turning off Hardware acceleration makes the CPU do the rendering so it’s not too strange that it’s a little slower. The fact that the selection window now shows up makes it clear that the problem has to do with the GPU and its drivers. Keep up on the driver updates and check periodically to see if you can get away with turning on Hardware Acceleration again.

Actually, I don’t believe the problem is with any Microsoft Patches or Display Drivers causing this issue because one can easily select any surface/edge with the Selection tool by right-clicking on it … it’s only the left-click that has a problem and I can’t see how (other then via some very convoluted logic inside the SketchUp - and I’m a software developer since 1985 or so) that would have to go through Open-GL’s code while right-click doesn’t yet still works and properly selects what I need …
Trimble should look at the left-click code carefully, compare it to right-click handling and see how to get around this problem and be independent of any Open-GL, Graphics drivers instead of blaming others for this issue and do nothing (at least to the SketchUp Make 2017).

A, and I did try to disable fast feedback, and fiddle with pretty much everything I could think of on a brand new Win 10 Pro x64 with i7 8700K (Intel HD Graphics 630)… all to no avail, takes 5s each left-click…


Why do you keep blaming Intel & their OpenGL implementation for your left-mouse-click handling code?
Try right-clicking on any object, it does get selected without any lag so the selection itself is working fast no matter what driver or Win 10 update is installed … it’s only the left-click that’s a problem so why don’t you review your own code (or send me the source of left/right mouse event handlers in your code and I’ll review them for you) to see what’s different in left-click that might be relying, unnecessarily (if it works with right-click then it should just as well with left-click) on OpenGL code and see how to do the same without that, or detect the problem (lag, and in such case disable some of your code on left-click that causes the lag).

What does your 2018 Pro patch do exactly and why can’t you patch Make 2017 the same way?


I am not affected by this issue, but given that a few people were using Surface Pro, I wondered if the delay setting Microsoft have to help ignore taps is involved?

Also found this article that talked about the delay being increased with the Windows 10 Creator update: