Select plus + not working

I’ve just upgraded to a new iMac Studio with latest OS Monterey 12.6 , I’ve had trouble when I want to Select several entities/components by clicking with the cursor then I hit Shift and then select several entities. The Plus sign appears and quickly disappears. It happens inconsistently/entermentantly. I’ve rebooted to get it to work again but this time it won’t correct.

I’ve got a couple of other items that might be the cause so I’m trying to isolate the problem. I’ve got a new mouse, new keyboard (not apple) and dual monitors with a questionable work around to use my old iMac as a monitor so anything can be a cause. Help!

What happens if you hold Option?

Hi Dave, The plus symbol appears for a second then disappears. The second selection is highlighted and the first on releases.

Hi Tom. This sounds like a funky keyboard thing.

You’re correct, this morning the command works. mystery bug.

Changed the way you’re holding your tongue, right? :slight_smile: