Option copy move not working 2015


I can’t get option/copy to work. Help!


What’s your problem exactly?


When I hold the option key and use the move tool i don’t get a copy. Just moves the original

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You don’t hold it down, you just click it once to turn copying on or off. There is a plus icon visible in the Move tool icon when copying is active.

On the PC you use the Ctrl key



Thanks, but I tried that too - no plus sign shows up.


Hello, I have the exact same issue on an Macbook Air running 10.9.2
I’ve tried everything I can think of. Rather than seeing a plus symbol I see what looks like two vertical lines side by side when I use the Option key.

This has me stumped … any help gratefully received.



The two vertical lines symbol is default for the Command Key.

My guess is to check your hotkey preferences, maybe they got switched.