Select object problem!

Hi I am Auwie and use sketch up , my problem is when i use the select tool to selecty a object it is very slo to ativate the selections.has somebody a solution with this ??

This isn’t unusual with integrated Intel graphics. Especially lower performing ones such as the 4000. Go to the Intel site and get the latest drivers for your graphics adapter and install that. See if that helps. It might.

What’s the file size? Is the selection speed faster if you switch to Hidden Line face style?

THANKS I will try !!

Thanks DaveR it works again super new drivers and hopefully it stays now.

thanks again

Happy that helped.

If past history is any indicator, it probably won’t. Microsoft is in the habit of pushing Intel graphics driver updates with their automatic Windows updates and it’s fairly common for them to break things. Keep track of these driver files that you installed today because you may need to roll back the drivers to this one.

If you have an opportunity to upgrade your old computer, get one with a suitable graphics card instead of relying on integrated Intel graphics. Integrated graphics are not recommended, anyway.

For future reference…
When windows updates monthly…your SU will likely have the problem again.
If you put your computer to sleep while running SU…It will cause the problem to re-appear.

When either event happens, reboot your computer. It might take multiple re-boots to repair it.